David Bowie Albums: My Reviews Ranked From Least to Most Favourite Album


I’ve started a new blog where I’ll focus on the one and only David Bowie. I’ve been a massive fan for nearly 40 years, starting way back in 1979 when I first saw Bowie performing “Boys Keep Swinging” on the Kenny Everett Video Show. Since then, I’ve been hooked and what an amazing journey it has been. He may no longer be with us, but his music will always live on.

Each week or so, I’ll review and discuss a different David Bowie album ranked from my least favourite to my most favourite. So I’ll cover my least favourite album first and work my up to my all time favourite David Bowie album. No doubt the order will be a source of some annoyance to many (how can you possibly put Lodger in from of …), but that’s the beauty of music, everyone has there own tastes and favourites.

With each album, I’ll discuss what I like, what I don’t, some interesting things around the recording of the album and (hopefully) if you haven’t yet had the joy of listening to the particular album, maybe convince you to give it a listen or a re-listen if it’s been gathering dust in your record collection. Feel free to join in on any discussions.

I’ll only focus (initially) on David Bowie’s studio albums, I’ll review live, compilation, soundtrack, etc. albums later. I have included however “The Buddha of Suburbia” as it’s more studio album than soundtrack.

Picking these albums in some kinda order  of favouritism has been really really difficult, almost as difficult as picking your favourite child, but it’s been a fun exercise and I’m content enough with my selections. I would state that even a “poor” David Bowie album would be regarded as a near masterpiece if recorded by most other artists so everything is relative…

For those not fully acquainted with the vast workings of the great man, here is the full list of his studio albums in chronological order:

1. David Bowie (1967) – Ranked 24th.

2. David Bowie / aka Space Oddity (1969) – Ranked 12th.

3. The Man Who Sold The World (1970) – Ranked 6th.

4. Hunky Dory (1971) – Ranked 2nd.

5. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1972) – Ranked 1st.

6. Aladdin Sane (1973) – Ranked 9th.

7. Pin-Ups (1973) – Ranked 19th.

8. Diamond Dogs (1974) – Ranked 3rd.

9. Young Americans (1975) – Ranked 20th.

10. Station to Station (1976) – Ranked 8th.

11. Low (1977) – Ranked 10th.

12. “Heroes” (1977) – Ranked 11th.

13. Lodger (1979) – Ranked 7th.

14. Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) (1980) – Ranked 4th.

15. Let’s Dance (1983) – Ranked 27th.

16. Tonight (1984) – Ranked 23rd.

17. Never Let Me Down (1987) – Ranked 28th.

18. Tin Machine (1989) – Ranked 21st.

19. Tin Machine II (1991) – Ranked 25th.

20. Black Tie White Noise (1993) – Ranked 15th.

21. The Buddha of Suburbia (1993) – Ranked 26th.

22. Outside (1995) – Ranked 5th.

23. Earthling (1997) – Ranked 17th.

24. Hours (1999) – Ranked 18th.

25. Heathen (2002) Ranked 16th.

26. Reality (2003) – Ranked 22nd.

27. The Next Day (2013) – Ranked 13th.

28. Blackstar (2016) – Ranked 14th.

I’ll discuss the first album, my least favourite David Bowie album in the coming days. Stay tuned !!

7 responses to “David Bowie Albums: My Reviews Ranked From Least to Most Favourite Album

  1. Excellent reviews, Richard. I can’t agree with “Never Let Me Down”, though. I have always had a soft spot for it. It is nowhere near as bad as the perceived wisdom says it is, neither is “Tonight”. Prefer both to “Let’s Dance”, but there you go…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Paul

    Thanks for your feedback !!

    Yes, everyone has different views and each view is as valid as the next when it comes to musical opinions. Each album will be someone’s favourite and someone’s least. I’m sure many will disagree with my assessments as I go up/down the list 🙂


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